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Welcome to ukpressure, the uk's underground, dance music station. We are a non profiting organization were are here strickly for the love of music. Here at ukpressure its our job as music professionals to provide you (the listener's) with the finest music around. Weather your into Ukg, Old skool, House, DnB, RnB, Reggae we have a Dj for all. All Djs play live and ready to take your requests! There are many ways to interact with us here at ukpressure, you can use the shoutbox provided on this page aswel as the facebook and twitter links! Remember if you like what you hear spread the word tell a friend to tell a friend!!
For all you Djs, Mcs and producers looking to join our ever growing team you can contact us using the contact form provided. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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Djp@ulus: out hear
Djp@ulus: repec
Djp@ulus: ukpressure tun up
dj pech : locked in
dj pech : yessssssssssss
Guest_7561: whos this
daren p : out to jenny
daren p : okh gosh
Guest_2328: big toon
daren p : have you got silcon
daren p : it get the feeling
Guest_2084: big up kell amy chloe
Guest_2084: tuneee
Guest_2084: loving it
marky t : hello people
marky t : big vibe right now
Guest_2818: Big tunes
u know : the lost solider returns from hiding
Guest_6984: Big up daren p
DaveyUKG: Yes Decisive and flip hows it going??? Cheers for them vocals, just had a listen sounding cris!!
DAnny DeejayDecisive: cool, we only got down the intro. need to lay down the vocals but where they are new bars their trying to work out the flow. MCs are like divas
DaveyUKG: lol yeah thats cool mate, ill have a play round with what i got this weekend and send it over!! whats with all the old school??
DAnny DeejayDecisive: vinyl only set, back to my roots for a birthday set
DaveyUKG: all about the plastic happy birthday bro
DaveyUKG: oi oi recgnise that baby chat lol
DaveyUKG: oi dinners here gents catch up with you soon, keep them bangers coming! big show
Paul H: locked in brother wicked show
DjDanger: nonton drama korea sinema indo bioskop 25 we dont be doing spam this is first and only warning your posts have been deleted
DjDanger: chalky why do your mic sound distorted mate ?
DjDanger: are u using mixer into pc or mic straight into pc ?
DjDanger: u need to turn mic down a bit and turn music down when talking
DjDanger: talkover like it spits and splutters when ur on it shouldnt do this if ur levels correct
Unitruc_Andy: Dude ur mates on now
Guest_7735: Nicely
Guest_7735: Chopper
Guest_7735: Hitch it