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Welcome to ukpressure, the uk's underground, dance music station. We are a non profiting organization were are here strickly for the love of music. Here at ukpressure its our job as music professionals to provide you (the listener's) with the finest music around. Weather your into Ukg, Old skool, House, DnB, RnB, Reggae we have a Dj for all. All Djs play live and ready to take your requests! There are many ways to interact with us here at ukpressure, you can use the shoutbox provided on this page aswel as the facebook and twitter links! Remember if you like what you hear spread the word tell a friend to tell a friend!!
For all you Djs, Mcs and producers looking to join our ever growing team you can contact us using the contact form provided. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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  • Djp@ulus
    live from 12 till 2 #BIGBELLYSUNDAY
  • Djp@ulus
    Going in 2 till 4 gmt time DANCEHALL VYBEZ
  • Djp@ulus
    bonjour à tous paulus DJ du 2 au 4 mitigée aujourd'hui
  • Djp@ulus


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Djp@ulus: live from 12 till 2 #BIGBELLYSUNDAY
Djp@ulus: LOL
Djp@ulus: SPINNER
KeshChandra: Morning
KeshChandra: Afternoon
Djp@ulus: blessed king
Djp@ulus: last onwe
Djp@ulus: one
Djp@ulus: all yours
Djp@ulus: yes lad locked on with tune in app on xbox tun up
KeshChandra: LIVE NOW
Guest_4264: can you play house every weekend please for amy
KeshChandra: Hi
KeshChandra: Coming up David Zowie
KeshChandra: House Every Weekend....
KeshChandra: facebook.com/love2houseuk
delta: big up me and tracey
delta: tuned
delta: can i get a rewind
KeshChandra: «link»
KeshChandra: Free Mix CD «link»
Luxe London: Thanks to all locked in! Lets get the shoutouts started! (:
Koala: Sounding BIG!
Flanders: The game
Luxe London: Flanders...
Guest_5227: delta tracey locked in dj
daren p : locked in pal
kelly: kelly amy chloe in tuned
delta: tune
LadySFemi9 : \0/\0/\0/
delta: rewind
Djp@ulus: Manic Monday 12 till 2 going live
rymer: Locked pal
Djp@ulus: big respec
rymer: Nice tune
Djp@ulus: old skool