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ukpressure.live: Big tune
Guest_7329: Jimmy bridle
gary.hardwick.9: lovely tunes
Guest_5176: wana know
mumcy: Big up dj des
mumcy: Big up ukpressure family
Guest_5176: tune
ukpressure.live: wicked set so far
DJ YMA: You Rock Sniper!!!!x
DJ YMA: xx
Guest_7987: xxx
ukpressure.live: big set
DJ YMA: wicked!!! xx
thedeejay.sniper.9: oi oi
thedeejay.sniper.9: xxx
thedeejay.sniper.9: :D
DJ YMA: Good Set!!!!
thedeejay.sniper.9: that was fun :D
thedeejay.sniper.9: thanks xx
mumcy: Thanks for all the shout outs
MILKY: locked in !!
ukpressure.live: yes hardwick
Guest_7134: marky t
mumcy: Oi oi everyone locked on locked in
mumcy: With dj hardwick
mumcy: Ukpressure family
mumcy: Big up dj spinna
thedeejay.sniper.9: :D
Guest_8408: jojo locked
Guest_8408: oi
Guest_8408: :P
Guest_8408: hardwick
ukpressure.live: yes mate
mumcy: Wicked set
Guest_2322: Yes dj
Guest_2322: Bridle


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